Monday, January 19, 2009

Sailing at Elephant Butte Lake, January 1, 2009

Freedom 21 "Five Planks" at Elephant Butte Lake on January 1, 2009.

On New Year's eve we drove to Elephant Butte Lake, and visited "Husker" and "Bassmaster", in whose house we spent the night. During the evening, we drove over to the lake to the cabin of "Dumbledore" and "Mother Superior", who were having a quiet New Year's eve celebration with "Zorro", "Magnum PI" and "Lady Magnum".

New Year's day was cool and cloudy, and football was on the tube to somewhat mesmerize "Batgal" and "Tad". But the day offered a bit of good wind, so when I heard from Zorro I gladly accepted an offer and went out on his Constellation for a good start to the year. That meant missing out on some good food and a close football game, but a good day on the water counts as some sort of delicacy for the soul, so it was a fair exchange. Although the breezes had lightened some since earlier in the day, we still had enough wind to go up and down the race course a couple of times and give me some practice on spinnaker handling that I much needed.

We weren't the only sailors out; "Five Planks", a Freedom 21, was also out on the water for a while.

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