Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Visit to the Chama Valley Supermarket

"Der Gila Monster" in front of the Chama Valley Supermarket in northern New Mexico, the weekend after the store's re-opening. The previous store building had collapsed in heavy snows during February 2008, so the community had been without a full-line grocery store for ten months. The new store has a much stronger roof, and is also much larger, with something like twice the floor area of the old Chama Valley Supermarket, which had been bought by Lowe's Supermarkets the year before. The new store has an expanded liquor and beer area, has moved fruit and produce to the front of the store, and has added a "Ranch and Garden Center" on one side with lots of hardware, tools, sporting goods, small and large appliances, and garden supplies, with a side door to an outdoor garden center to be used during warmer months.

Ranch & Garden Center facade, Chama Valley Supermarket

Chama Valley Supermarket entrance

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