Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Inside the Chama Valley Supermarket

Meat cooler adjacent to the liquor and meat departments of the re-built Chama Valley Supermarket. Above and scattered around the rest of the store are some handsome and sometimes whimsical decorative touches.

Carnivore's Corner: The meat department is in the same relative position as in the old Chama Valley Supermarket, so carnivores will be able to easily track and corner their prey.

Frozen-foods aisle, Chama Valley Supermarket, December 21, 2008, just a few days after the store re-opened after being closed for ten months. The reopening was big news locally, with coverage on all three of Albuquerque's television news programs. Although some other shops carried very limited groceries and some household supplies, the Chama Valley Supermarket is the only full-line grocery store/supermarket in the area. While the store was closed, Chama Valley residents had to drive 25 to 75 miles each way to do their shopping.

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