Saturday, December 20, 2008

Chama Valley Supermarket back in business

After the roof of the Chama Valley's only grocery store had collapsed following heavy snows last February, the store had been out of business for several long months. Wednesday's re-opening of the re-built Chama Valley Supermarket was a truly big deal, attracting television coverage of residents returning to their new and improved supermarket. The new store is larger and adds new departments, giving residents and visitors more opportunities to avoid having to drive to Dulce (about 25 miles), Pagosa Springs, Colorado (50 miles), or EspaƱola (75 miles). This photo was sent by Belinda from Laguna Vista, who noted that the new store now sells such items as flat-screen televisions and barbeque grills; the photo shows the Chama Valley Supermarket just after it re-opened.

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