Friday, December 19, 2008

Update -- Winter Solstice and Sailstice

December has turned out to be a better sailing month than some of our summer months. Besides sailing Black Magic in light air on December 6 and 7, last Friday I hopped on Constellation with Zorro and Captain Groovy in some of the best, most consistent breeze we'd experienced in many weeks. We went out a couple of times and got in some nice legs with spinnaker runs and reaches. There's also a good chance we'll be able to sail some time during the Christmas holidays.

Speaking of that, I just received a press release from the Summer Sailstice folks encouraging people to sail (or, weather not permitting, watch a good sailing video or some such) this weekend in honor of the shortest sailing day of the year, Sunday, Sunday, December 21 (which is the beginning of winter as well as Hannukah).

Here's what they sent out to us (anti-spam padding adding to e-mail/url)....

Remember Summer? Remember Sailing?

In just a few days, Sunday, December 21st, the sun will ‘turn the corner’ and start its climb back towards the Northern Latitudes. This means, for sailors in the Northern Hemisphere, the days start getting longer and summer sailing and Summer Sailstice are not far away.

Why wait to celebrate? We’re encouraging all sailors to celebrate with a countdown to Sailstice starting this Sunday, December 21st. If you’re in Southern latitudes – Florida, San Diego, Gulf Coast it’s a great day to take to the water and head out for a salutary sail. If in the North perhaps a sail on an iceboat is best or frostbiting or maybe just settle in with a DVD of Wind, Morning Light or Captain Ron. Whatever the case, take a moment to give thanks that you’re a sailor and to look forward to Summer Sailstice coming June 20/21, 2009. The sun’s headed North and it’s not to early to think about a June Summer Sailstice celebration.

We’re looking for some 2009 fleet or class ambassadors.

There are over 180,000 Lasers somewhere in the world. And over 40,000 Catalinas. They can’t all get together in the same place but they can all sail on the same day. If you’re a member of a club, class or fleet you can help get your worldwide fleet sailing in a virtual rendezvous on Summer Sailstice. Send an email to m a r i e @ s u m m e r s a i l s t i c e . c o m so we can send information on building a global Sailstice celebration for your class.

We wish you a great holiday season ahead and look forward to celebrating sailing with you on June 20/21, 2009.

Sign up at: www.s u m m e r s a i l s t i c

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