Monday, September 29, 2008

Arizona Yacht Club practice race at Lake Pleasant, September 20, 2008

Bow of committee boat and boats racing a few minutes before their start. (In a standard RRS 26 start without special starting penalties, the blue-and-white Prep flag is raised four minutes before the start and lowered one minute before the start. For AYC races at Lake Pleasant, a course board, such as the yellow "PHRF" board, serves as the class flag and warning signal. At Tempe Town Lake, the Arizona Yacht Club flies class flags, and uses a three-minute starting sequence, so the prep flag is only up for a minute.)

Merit 25 no. 1111 "Circuitous"

687 up close

Boats before start

View of M scow 569

Viper no. 71 and more

Two views of Viper no. 71

Arizona "Yacht Club rac eocmmittee signal boat, showing flippable signal board. Displayed on the board is "PHRF" for the fleet racing, "X" for the course being sailed (windward, leeward, windward, finish), "S" (South) and "C" for the marks to be rounded, and "1" to direct the course is to be sailed. A race committee flag flies above and forward of the course boards.


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