Thursday, September 25, 2008

Frank's Place IIIa: Living (Garden) Room

The living room was called the Garden Room because it looked upon the semi-private garden to its east. The Garden room formed a boundary between Frank Lloyd and Olgivanna Wright's personal living space and the more public area of the large drafting and dining room building. The Garden or living room was part of the original Taliesin West, completed in 1940. However, the impermanent nature of the original canvas and wooden ceiling meant that the roofs could tempt Frank Lloyd Wright to years of tinkering, and glazing was not introduced until after World War II.

Peek into dining room

Sofa outside living and dining rooms on Sunset Terrace

Furniture in living room and soft lighting filtered by overhead canvas.

Foundation plaque

North end of living room; shadowy form of pot is partially obscured by plant.


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