Thursday, September 25, 2008

Frank's Place Ia: Approaching the office

Below are a few snaps from a visit to Frank's place ... Taliesin West, the architectural camp, community, and laboratory where Frank Lloyd Wright spent much of the last two decades of his life, where he was to experience the aesthetic purity, asceticism, and inspiration of the desert.

View to the east, toward the main building's breezeway and showing the drafting room end of the main building.

Plantings and rock

Decorative art

View to breezeway

Peek view to the east

Petroglyph with etching used as a symbolic motif for Taliesin West

Patio and breezeway

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At 1:21 AM, September 29, 2008, Blogger Carol Anne said...

Interesting juxtaposition ... Frank Lloyd Wright's architectural genius followed by "Scenes from a Dorm Room" -- even if it is a dorm room occupied by a would-be architect, in a building with an unconventional shape that might have been inspired by FLlW.

In the living room pictures, did you HAVE to include the one of me wiping my nose in the aftermath of a sneeze?

Do, please, learn how to spell cabaret.

Something worth noting that doesn't show up in the pictures: That round fountain near the sculpture garden has water splashing on a metal structure sort of the shape of an Eastern Orthodox onion dome, and as the water hits the dome, it resounds, like a gong hit with a very soft mallet. As the wind varies, the water hits different parts of the dome, and the tone changes. The sounds take this fountain into realms beyond the mere pleasantness of splashing water.


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