Thursday, September 25, 2008

Frank's Place IIIb: the Living Room

Part of east side of living room

Garden wall with moon door open, showing a peek into Mrs. Wright's private garden.

Folks in living room

Guide in front of piano given to the Wrights.

The screen, a decorative project by an apprentice, is also a map of the complex.

Visitors listen to tour guide in the living room.

Looking north in the living room. The living room, along with bedroom and drafting room were completed early on in Taliesin West's history, but were not initially glassed in during the early "rough and ready" years.

This pot, in the anteroom adjoining the living room, claimed pride of precedence over the window glazing, as did its larger counterpart in the living room.

The pot was in place before the windows were added -- and Frank Lloyd Wright decided that the pot wasn't going to move.


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