Tuesday, October 11, 2005

New Mexico Sailing Club Marina Renovation

From: Lisa ________
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2005 07:33:23 -0600

I met with Roger _____ from Shore Master yesterday at the lake. He took measurements and will write up a proposal to replace A docks and the walkway between A, B, and C. He will also give us an estimate to replace the whole marina. His system does not have the underwater substructure that we currently have. It will easily take to dry conditions and float back up when the water comes in. The system is used in Minnesota so it should tolerant the freeze and thaw conditions that we experience as well. Once I get the prices, we can meet and decide which system we want to go with.Lisa


Ray _______ writes:

I couldn't make it, but I got an email that someone was going to be at the lake today on this subject. I've forwarded this to the other board members for their consideration.

All~ the comments below regarding escalation as a result of the ongoing petroleum situation is a valid concern. I'm seeing it in every aspect of my work. David~ have your suppliers given you any range that they're anticipating for escalation? 10%? 20% More?

Thoughts, anyone, about at least buying what we've been discussing it and storing it until we can get it in the water?

Ray ____, Project Manager


From: EZ Dock of Texas [______] Sent: Monday, October 10, 2005 12:38 PM To: Ray ____

Subject: EZ Dock Information


I just wanted to follow up and see if there has been any progress in getting a decision made on which direction you guys will be going on your dock. We had a chance to visit with one of the NM State Park rangers that is over your lake. He was familiar with what you guys are needing. After seeing our products, he felt that EZ Dock would work great for what you are needing to replace.

I realize that it is nearing the end of the season. However, in light of the recent increases in the price of petroleum, the loss of a polyethylene manufacturing plant in Port Arthur, TX, and the increase in the price of the natural gas needed to fire the ovens that the docks are manufactured in, we could be looking at significant increases when new prices come out on January 1st. There could be substantial savings to your sailing club if product is purchased under the 2005 pricing instead of waiting until next year. We would be willing to discuss an arrangement where the docks are purchased under the old pricing but delivery does not occur until after the first of the year.

If you are still in the decision-making process and need additional information or if there is anything else that we can do to assist you, please let us know. Thanks.

David ______ EZ Dock of Texas, L.P. _______


Ray, Thanks for the notice and yes we should do something.

Lisa should have some info from Roger _____ and his company tonight and soon thereafter to factor in, but we should definitely do something this season that will move us at least a little forward.

I would for sure support "buy it to try it"; buy enough EZ dock to replace a dozen or so slips (A dock southwest). That's pretty much what the board decided to do, anyway, if I remember right, contingent on "marina experts" (Ray and Gary) thinking that it was worth trying. We have the money, and the knowledge that we get from trying out a chunk of EZ dock would be well worth the $25,000 or $30,000 or some such cost.

If the "marina experts" think that we have enough confidence and information to do something more ambitious, such as replace all of A, then we'd want to round up the board really quickly to discuss it. Or, if we have proposals from Roger Squires' company to compare to the EZ dock, we should get moving on that and make a decision before it's too cold to do anything.

Whatever we wind up doing later for the whole marina, replacement of the slips we lost with the EZ dock system should help. And, being able to advertise that we have a full complement of slips for next year (via adding the EZ dock and reinforcing the old state parks slips) would also help the club.

Perhaps people would pay a little more to berth in a new slip, and the news that we're starting to renew the marina might attract some people back to the water. The EZ dock system looks pretty flexible, so it shouldn't be hard to experiment with different slip sizes and such.

With slips replaced, the gangway hooked up in the alternate location, and a decent runoff next year, the club could have a much improved 2006 season.

P.S. The recent rains in CO & NM have given us a smidge more "cushion" to try to keep the marina floating intact until next year's runoff. The lake has actually risen in the past few weeks.

If necessary, we can volunteer our lot in Laguna Vista as a place to store stuff -- if it doesn't mind being outdoors -- over the winter.


(Since this email, Lisa met with Roger ______, who will be writing up a proposal to replace A dock and the A-B-C walkway. Perhaps the board will be able to review the Shoremaster and EZDock proposals by the end of this month and make a decision.)


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