Friday, October 07, 2005

New Mexico lake conditions, Friday Oct. 7, 2005 (Rio Grande Basin)

Conditions at area lakes in the Rio Grande Basin:

Elephant Butte, elev. 4,325.58', 335,739 acre feet, down .26' and 2,713 a.f. in 72 hours, 1,020 c.f.s. discharge

Cochiti, elev. 5,339.43', 48,483 acre feet

Abiquiu, elev. 6,199.72', 110,869 acre feet

El Vado, elev. 6,874.26', 109,413 acre feet

Heron Lake, NM on Friday, October 7, was at elevation of 7152.28 feet with 229,292 acre feet in storage. Heron has held its own lately, rising moderately (three inches and about 1,000 acre feet) in the last week because of rainstorms in the region.

The lake is about 14 inches below this summer's highest elevation. (This year's peak was about 7153.41', 234,174 acre feet. 400,000 acre feet at about 7,184' is considered full, spillway would be at 7,186' and about 410,000 a.f.).
*1 cfs is about 2 acre-feet per day; 360 cfs yields about 5,000 acre feet in a week and close to a foot of rise in lake elevation.


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