Tuesday, September 27, 2005

This week has been relatively normal.

On the horizon: HHS Orchestra concert tonight, 8:00 PM at the HHS Performing Arts Center n.w. of Zuni & San Mateo & S. of the Wal-Mart.
Thursday: bass lesson, Scouts, sailing club social at the Taj Majal on Carlisle
Friday: Drive north to Laguna Vista/Fiveoclocksomewhere (LV)
Next Tuesday: Albuquerque Youth Orchestra Concert, 7:30, La Cueva High School, Alameda NE

Mon., Sept. 26 -- retrieved Expedition from brake shop, lunch with Carol Anne, then after work took Gerald early to his Abq. Youth Orchestra rehearsal for his playing test before the rehearsal and visited home improvement store. The report card was good; B in English, A's in health, p.e., and orchestra. In a few weeks health will be replaced with independent study and p.e. with a retake of algebra I and the addition of zero-hour driver's ed; next year his schedule will feature chemistry, algebra II/trig, AP world history, and orchestra. Dropped glass off at recycling station. Worked on patio project for cabin; drilled holes in upright posts and inserted hand rail and lower rails as a test-fit.

Sun., Sept. 25 -- Went by marina; pounded t-posts into ground, Gerald moved mini-gangway and did some kayaking. Idea is to have a start on access via an improvised gangway and path to the southeast corner of the marina. Traveled south, en route had birthday celebration for Gerald at Angelina’s with CA's folks, and Lee & Marianna; got to talk about movie biz.

Sat., Sept. 24 -- Bought 12x60 lbs. concrete mix, 1 bag mortar mix at River Lumber, groceries at Chama Valley Market. PM went to Pagosa, visited thrift shops, bought five 90-lb. bags of concrete mix., mixed ~1600 lbs. mix with water & poured, inset flagstones to complete north patio fill and decking.

Fri., Sept. 23 -- Left Expedition at shop to check on brakes, drove Cavalier to LV with six bags of concrete mix. Out of toner and time for printing Foghorn newsletters; so far have sent out about 50.


Sun., Sept. 18 -- Sunrise regatta breakfast and awards ceremony, lunch at Socorro Springs brewpub in Socorro en route to Albuquerque.

Sat., Sept. 17 -- Sunrise regatta, borrowed Jim Moore’s power boat for use as committee boat. Took Larry Jessee out to start 17 boats, took some pictures, then returned Larry and CA to the Damsite. Gerald crewed on "The Hunter". Went on station to far marks, 32 and 33X, took ~200+ pictures of regatta, piloted St. John’s in late, made photo CDs of regatta, typed up revised contract for state parks.

Fri., Sept. 16 -- drove south to Elephant Butte, checked into the Charles Motel and Spa, visited Marina del Sur, hooked up with Sunrise Regatta folks and had dinner at the Damsite.


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