Thursday, December 09, 2010

Member Perquisites

Fort Worth Boat Club dinghies in foreground, J/22s and inner portion of marina in background.

It is common courtesy and a good idea for yacht and sailing clubs to offer little perks and goodies to their members. For example, when we visited the Fort Worth Boat Club, we noticed fresh popcorn that was provided at the end of the day's racing.

And some clubs go further and make club-owned boats available to members who don't have a boat or who want to try something different. Many clubs will have a dinghy fleet that can be used for recreation as well as for teaching sailing to youth and adults. Sometimes a club will also have one or a few small keelboats or pocket cruisers.

However, the Fort Worth Boat Club seems to out-do the vast majority of clubs in this area. In addition to the usual dinghies, the FWBC owns a whole fleet of ten J/22 race boats that can by used by club members. And, even the pickiest racer is likely to have few bottom complaints, since all the boats are kept up out of the water on hydro hoist lifts.

Inner marina west side, showing J/22s.

View to the southwest showing a row of J/22s on hydro hoists.


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