Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Strange Sports Fantasy

Take the top 25 male and top 25 female athletes from the past 20 years in your city, state, province, or region, who are still physically fit and competitively active.

During a period of several days, have them participate in the following events, with time penalties or bonuses awarded according to performance in each event:

standing broad jump

pole vault

shot put

javelin throw

field goal kicks

basketball free throws

speed chess

bench press (normalized for body mass)

obstacle/rope course

tennis (shortened matches)

small bore rifle prone, kneeling, standing indoor 50' range

wind surf (no sailing rules except avoiding downed boats or persons in water)

kayak (mix flat and white water)

Then, start them on a pursuit mini-marathon according to their accrued bonuses or penalties on a course with:

1/4 mile lake swim

10 mile trail/cross country run

15 mile mountain bike trail/cross country cycle.

Who wins in your area? By how much? Who are the closest contenders?


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