Friday, March 26, 2010

Strangely Stressed out Southward

For the moment, we're about five miles further from the river (Rio Grande) than usual.

Today we paid a thousand bucks for a hole in the ground...
and one which will only be visible for a very short time.

Which reminds me of the riddle,
"What is it the grows longer the more you cut it?" (see below)

Today I bought a box. A wooden box, made of pecan wood.
It was an expensive box, even though it doesn't have a mast, keel, or rudder.
And, I'm not going to get very much use out of it.

It could have been worse; I could have bought the box with the woodland camouflage deer-blind-style lining and embroidered big buck. Update: I'm informed that that pattern was "mossy oak break up".

And then I got another box, a really big one that goes around the first box. This box is made of concrete and is much too heavy to carry. I think its purpose has something to do with making life easy for lawn mowers.

But, at least today I realized that I'll probably wind up with a very small real estate "investment".
Unfortunately, its uses are very limited... you might say the owners' association has some really killer restrictions even if the location is to die for.

But, it does fit in with a wise-guy New York sort of joke...
good friends will help you move, but
really good friends will help you move bodies.
Any youse guys gotta problem with that?

And, a ditch is what grows longer the more you cut it.
You dig?

You see, a week or two ago I dug a lovely ditch and after many hours of labor found the buried treasure for which I was toiling ... well, a couple of sewer lines, anyway. But they were exactly the ones for which I was searching.

Now, quite possibly this post would qualify for Tillerman's "Strange" posts category, and certainly there is great justification for some strangeness, but it does all have meaning and reason lurking in the background.


At 5:00 AM, March 26, 2010, Blogger Tillerman said...

What you are going through is a strange and stressful time. I know, having been through that same experience myself a few years back. It's good that you can still see the strangeness through the sadness. Hang in there.

At 4:16 AM, March 30, 2010, Blogger Philee said...

Too bad it's the sad times that remind us of the strange!

Sorry to hear of your loss, we are thinking of you here in Prague.



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