Thursday, April 01, 2010

Almost back to sailing

The post-funeral week has passed rapidly.

Sunday afternoon after our return from south Texas we unpacked and then Gerald and I retrieved the leopard of the house from "grandpa and grandma".

Monday I took Gerald to Monroe's, where he had a New Mexican feast with lots of green chile -- a green chile burger, green chile chicken soup, a chile relleno (covered in cheese), and onion rings, flan (custard dessert), and a sopapilla (fried inflated tortilla thingy with honey).

Tuesday I was up very early to drop Gerald off at the Sunport so he could board a plane to Phoenix and return to Tempe in time to participate in the "Ignite" media conference and discussion.

Wednesday afternoon I traveled to the Elephant Butte Lake and visited the site of the new sailboat mast-up storage lot, spoke with a couple of sailors, took some checks to the sailing club treasurer, and used a grinding wheel to remove the base and frame of an old manual bilge pump from Carol Anne's older Etchells sloop.

And then I had a real panic after realizing my wallet had disappeared -- luckily for me it turned up where it had fallen out while I was wiggling around in the confined bow space of USA 125.

Wednesday was quite windy and probably a better day to work on the boat than to sail her.

Thursday there was a brief Optimist Club meeting, where I picked up some materials to use in the sailing club's "Pickle Race" this weekend, in which club members will be treating NM Boys and Girls Ranch youth to a sail, Easter egg hunt, picnic, and games.


At 5:19 AM, April 06, 2010, Blogger Pandabonium said...

Sounds wonderful. A native of the American Southwest, I miss authentic Mexican food, though do my best making my own from scratch even with ingredients being hard to come by.


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