Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pre-start for Buccaneer race three at the Friday Fracas, Lake Pleasant

Buccaneers maneuver into position for the start of their third, and final, race on Friday, January 15, 2010, at Lake Pleasant, Arizona.
(20100115 135354 Friday Fracas 135 Bucc 5220 and more before start of race 3)

Bucc 5220 and more at the Friday Fracas
(20100115 135402 Friday Fracas 136 Bucc 5220 and more)

Buccaneer 5231 at close range - good thing they're not boarding or firing their water cannon
(20100115 135414 Friday Fracas 137 Bucc 5231)

(20100115 135422 Friday Fracas 138 Bucc 1235 and more prestart)

(20100115 135434 Friday Fracas 139 distant prestart Buccs)

(20100115 135446 Friday Fracas 140 Buccs b4 3rd start)

(20100115 135452 Friday Fracas 141 Buccs before the 3rd start)

(20100115 135600 Friday Fracas 142 Bucc 523 and more approach the line area)

Buccaneers in the distance converge upon the start line during pre-start maneuvering
(20100115 135608 Friday Fracas 143 distant Buccs approaching line for 3rd start)

(20100115 135628 Friday Fracas 144 Buccs in action w 2 Mrt25s in bg)

Four Buccs work the starting line with two Merit 25s in the distant background
(20100115 135638 Friday Fracas 145 4 Buccs work line w 2 Mrt25s in bg)

(20100115 135646 Friday Fracas 146 Bucc 5230 and friends work the line)

(35652 Friday Fracas 147 Bucc 3rd start running the line end of prestart)
Although some other classes weren't so well represented, we had plenty of Buccaneers at the Friday Fracas, the "tune up" regatta for the Arizona Yacht Club's Birthday Regatta and Leukemia Cup at Lake Pleasant, Arizona. The Fracas was held on January 15, 2010, with about 28 boats participating. In addition to the Buccs, also competing were some Vipers joined by a couple of Open 570s, a couple of Catalina 22s, a few Merit 25s, a Merit 22, a Corsair trimaran and some catamarans, some centerboard dinghies, a J/24, and other keelboats.

These were divided among six starting groups: multihulls (cats), Vipers + 570s, Buccaneers, Merits and PHRF spin, Catalina 22s and PHRF non-spin, and Portsmouth. Racing continued from about 11:40 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. The Fracas had a little under half of the boats that would show up on the line for the next day's Birthday Regatta. Those who showed up on Friday got good sailing winds and a great opportunity to tune up for the rest of the weekend.


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