Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Saturday after the first Bristol Cup race

Boats at the mark

After Saturday's race (some might have termed it more of a "crawl"), most of the J boats stayed around the mark buoy to enjoy a bit of light air sailing. A wee bit of a breeze came up -- not much, but enough for careful maneuvering -- and boats and crews made the most of it to practice their skills. However, the breeze wasn't very long-lived, soon it and the sun both descended.

Scirocco's Song and Oso

Two J boats on a lovely lake

Oso and other J boats enjoy a gorgeous day in spite of minimal breezes

Under the bright New Mexico sunshine are Oso and two other J boats practicing their skills near mark 23

J/22 and J/24 in tandem

J/24 Oso, the bright red-hulled boat

J boats and crews in beautiful autumn sunshine at Elephant Butte Lake.

Scirocco's Song

J/24 Oso and J/22 Sciroccos' Song


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