Monday, October 27, 2008

The Way to Turtleback Mountain Resort and The Club Restaurant at Turtleback -- road directions and views

View to the southeast of the I-25 overpass after a southbound vehicle has exited the freeway and turned left to take New Mexico state highway 181 or NM 195 south and east toward Elephant Butte.

Travelers from Albuquerque and points north of Sierra County should take interstate highway 25 south about 143 miles from the "Big I" in Albuquerque. Exit 83, Elephant Butte, is the exit to take to reach Elephant Butte and the Turtleback Mountain Resort. From the freeway exit, it's only about three or four miles to the resort.

Intersection just east of the I-25 overpass. Turning left onto NM 195 would be the main way to get to Elephant Butte, including the Rock Canyon neighborhood and marina. But, to get to the Turtleback Mountain Resort, we'll continue southward on NM 181 toward Truth or Consequences for the next two miles.

Elephant Butte city limits sign along NM 181 (North Date)

Approaching RV park and small cluster of businesses west of Elephant Butte

Highway sign for intersection with NM 171 (Warm Springs Blvd.)

RV park at left just about a block before the intersection of NM 181 and NM 171. Beyond are Turtleback Mountain and Caballo Peak; the city of Truth or Consequences is just below and to the right (west) of Turtleback Mountain.

View south along NM 181 (North Date) near the intersection (at left ahead) with NM 171 (Warm Springs Blvd.). At left, just before the intersection, is an RV park; at right are a couple of businesses including a propane distributorship. Turn left (east) onto NM 171 to reach the Turtleback Mountain Resort or the western portion of Elephant Butte.

Looking east at intersection of NM 171 (Warm Springs Blvd.) and NM 181 (North Date).

West end of NM 171 (Warm Springs Blvd.) and city limits for the town of Elephant Butte

Welcome to Elephant Butte (and don't forget to decelerate when the speed limit decreases from 50 mph to 35).

Approaching the gate

Entry gate for the Turtleback Mountain Resort. Turn right (south) and wind down the hill for about a third of a mile. Turn right at a T intersection and bend around to the southwest for about another block or two. Turn left into the parking lot for the large building housing the restaurant, pro shop, etc.


At 4:12 AM, October 28, 2008, Blogger Carol Anne said...

One correction ... NM 181 is NOT North Date. When one is traveling north on North Date in T or C, NM 181 is what goes straight when North Date veers west. McDonald's, Denny's, the Comfort Inn, and other such businesses are on North Date.


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