Monday, September 29, 2008

Tempe Town Lake Sailing, September 21, 2008

Buccs amidst other boats at Tempe Town Lake

Buccaneers in front of Lasers

Buccaneers and other boats at Tempe Town Lake on September 21, 2008, during the first fall race

Portsmouth fleet boats surrounded by a Laser (left), Buccaneer (right), and Optimist dinghy (foreground, part of the Arizona Sailing Foundation and Arizona Yacht Club's efforts to 9intrdouce sailing to youth)

Portsmouth fleet boats at Tempe Town Lake; including (420?) no. 5153, M scow, and ASU club FJ no. 40

Part of the Tempe Town Lake fleet, including ASU club FB no. 40, two Lasers, and another dinghy

Part of the Portsmouth fleet on parade; Sunfish, M Scow, Megabyte, and ASU club FJ no. 39

Is that an "E" or a "3" or should I call this the "E dinghy" as it glides past some high-rise buildings.

Buccaneer spinnakers silhouetted against the afternoon sun at Tempe Town Lake

Arizona State University's Club FJ no. 38 sails downwind during a quiet moment on Tempe Town Lake. In the background is Sun Devil Stadium.

Red Buccaneer 18 no. 2900 runs downwind

A rowing shell takes to the water as most sailors end their day on the water


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