Monday, September 29, 2008

Buccaneers Raid Tempe!

Crossed cutlasses, water cannons, and Buccaneers, oh my! In honor of the first race after Talk Like A Pirate Day (Matey' did ye know there be 364 Talk Like A Landlubber days?), the Buccaneers tear down toward the first mark at the beginning of the Tempe Town Lake fall racing series. September 21, 2008, was the first day of fall racing for the Arizona Yacht Club's TTL dinghy racing series.

Buccaneers in the foreground of a busy race day at Tempe Town Lake

A few Buccs and some change

Three Buccs passing

The Bucc starts here

Buccaneer start

Twl Buccs, 5250 and 524

Thw Wonderful Buccaneer and more
Two views; Bucc no. 5250 "Wonderful" in foreground; Lasers in far background

Buccaneers here there and everywhere at Tempe Town Lake

Buccaneers against a gleaming Tempe skyline

Did some prosperous condo owners quiver when they saw the approach of a fleet of Buccaneers raiding Tempe Town Lake?


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