Monday, September 29, 2008

Buccaneers Raid Tempe!

Crossed cutlasses, water cannons, and Buccaneers, oh my! In honor of the first race after Talk Like A Pirate Day (Matey' did ye know there be 364 Talk Like A Landlubber days?), the Buccaneers tear down toward the first mark at the beginning of the Tempe Town Lake fall racing series. September 21, 2008, was the first day of fall racing for the Arizona Yacht Club's TTL dinghy racing series.

Buccaneers in the foreground of a busy race day at Tempe Town Lake

A few Buccs and some change

Three Buccs passing

The Bucc starts here

Buccaneer start

Twl Buccs, 5250 and 524

Thw Wonderful Buccaneer and more
Two views; Bucc no. 5250 "Wonderful" in foreground; Lasers in far background

Buccaneers here there and everywhere at Tempe Town Lake

Buccaneers against a gleaming Tempe skyline

Did some prosperous condo owners quiver when they saw the approach of a fleet of Buccaneers raiding Tempe Town Lake?

Lasers put on a show at Tempe Town Lake, September 21, 2008

Lasers and other boats make for a colorful scene as the 2008 fall racing season begins at Tempe Town Lake in Arizona's Valley of the Sun. The Arizona Yacht Club divided the boats into three fleets, which were the Laser, Buccaneer, and Portsmouth (mixed handicap) fleets.

Lasers zero in on the start

Laser 181109 and more

Lasers and 420 5153

In the middle distance, a well-collimated line of Lasers moves east.

Laser 181847

Lasers 181109 and 184386

Laser 181847 and more

Tempe Town Lake Sailing, September 21, 2008

Buccs amidst other boats at Tempe Town Lake

Buccaneers in front of Lasers

Buccaneers and other boats at Tempe Town Lake on September 21, 2008, during the first fall race

Portsmouth fleet boats surrounded by a Laser (left), Buccaneer (right), and Optimist dinghy (foreground, part of the Arizona Sailing Foundation and Arizona Yacht Club's efforts to 9intrdouce sailing to youth)

Portsmouth fleet boats at Tempe Town Lake; including (420?) no. 5153, M scow, and ASU club FJ no. 40

Part of the Tempe Town Lake fleet, including ASU club FB no. 40, two Lasers, and another dinghy

Part of the Portsmouth fleet on parade; Sunfish, M Scow, Megabyte, and ASU club FJ no. 39

Is that an "E" or a "3" or should I call this the "E dinghy" as it glides past some high-rise buildings.

Buccaneer spinnakers silhouetted against the afternoon sun at Tempe Town Lake

Arizona State University's Club FJ no. 38 sails downwind during a quiet moment on Tempe Town Lake. In the background is Sun Devil Stadium.

Red Buccaneer 18 no. 2900 runs downwind

A rowing shell takes to the water as most sailors end their day on the water

Arizona Yacht Club action at Lake Pleasant, Practice Race on September 20, 2008

Heading down to the boat ramp below Spinnaker Point at Lake Pleasant, Arizona.

Private, guarded, restricted-access marina at Lake Pleasant. Locked gates and guards keep the public away from this private marina (including its restaurant) within the taxpayer/publicly supported Maricopa Water District. It's a bit of an irony that the marina is harder to visit than most private yacht clubs, which almost invariably welcome visiting sailors from other clubs. A boom placed around part of the marina also constricts public access from the public boat ramp below Spinnaker Point. A public marina has been built across the lake, but has been prevented from opening. The existing private marina does not have designated permanent transient slips for overnight rental, so storage options for boaters visiting Lake Pleasant are limited.

Race committee boat on the move. Flying are the RC flag and postponement flag (AP pennant).

Starboard view, Arizona Yacht Club race committee signal boat

O'Day no. 1223

Merit 25 no. 1111 "Circuitous"

687 and C26 no. 82

Boats spread out looking for more wind

The Desert Sea of Lake Pleasant, Arizona

Santana reaching under spinnaker

Close look at Santana no. 145's spinnaker

I;Day no. 1223 after rounding the leeward mark

Merit 25 no. 1111 Circuitous rounding the leeward mark

More Arizona Yacht Club Practice Race pictures from Lake Pleasant, September 20, 2008

A fine day on Lake Pleasant...
Three Catalinas

Catalina Capri 26 no. 82 "Sloopdogg" and Catalina 22 1361

Three Catalinas (C27 3654 and Catalina 22 1361)

"Sloopdogg", Catalina Capri 26 no. 82

M scow 569

Catalina 26 no. 82, "Sloopdogg". It's bimini awning is folded up and stored in its arch over the cockpit, but when deployed would provide welcome relief on sunny Arizona days.