Thursday, February 17, 2011

Travel Impressions

Gallup, early Thursday morning: chilly, with a cutting wind.

En route into Arizona: busy trying to dodge tumbleweeds, some of which managed to kamikaze into the red Vibe. Blowing dust in some places. Truckers and fifth-wheel towers were having trouble with crosswinds and headwinds.

Holbrook: Quiet once we were off the main drag. Barbecue not super cheap but filling as we dined among ceramic piggies at Bubba's Big Pig Bar-Ba-Que.

High country Heber, Christopher Creek, Payson -- road construction not too much of a bother; noticed a little west of the high-tech experimental elk crossing that Star Valley now has FOUR sets of speeding cameras. Payson was an ice cream stop (Dairy Queen).

Tempe: Our first-choice inn on Scottsdale Blvd. (we can get a discount if we show up last-minute) was booked but we got a very good rate at the Springhill Suites not far from the Phoenix Sky Harbor. Carol Anne and I had a meeting with someone in south Tempe while Gerald went to a meeting of the Arizona State Sport Club Association. Carol Anne and I learned some interesting things at our meeting, including potential complexities of certain kinds of transactions. We then got together with Gerald for dinner at the very popular Four Peaks Brewing Company. Yum. I was the designated driver but was allowed a sip of Carol Anne's brew. Oh yes, Gerald was with us at the Springhill Suites while the Idaho State women's softball team was checking into the hotel. We also did some moonlight suburban sightseeing to explore some Tempe and western Mesa neighborhoods and test my memory of local city navigation.

Friday: not much is planned yet but we'll see. Maybe run through West Marine?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

America's Cup new map from Notice of Preparation for CA enviro doc

Circled area is course; big red arrows and lines are shipping lanes; and little arrows from shore are spectator viewing areas. Small circled areas south of Angel Island and SE of Sausalito are spectator boat areas.