Friday, December 07, 2007

We the People Aftermath -- why "Tadpole" didn't crew for the regatta on December 1st

We the People is an event that tests students' knowledge of the US Constitution and how it applies to current events. At the end of the fall term, the student team competes in a state championship (in larger states this championship is preceded by congressional district and/or regional competition). In New Mexico, the competition was in the state capitol. The competitors gave a briefing on topics selected for them and were then questioned by the judges. The idea was to simulate conditions for giving testimony to the US Congress.

In May, the Highland team will go to Washington, DC, to compete with teams from the other 49 states and from the District of Columbia. The New Mexico State Legislature gave the team a grant of $15,000, which will cover half of their cost of travel; the team members will be raising the other half from sales, projects, parents, family, friends, and donations from the community.


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