Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Mastering the new mast; launching a sailboat with a big trailer extension, part 1

The new mast, obtained at great cost and delay after a lightning strike damaged the old mast, hangs poised and waiting for the arrival of the Hunter 34, Windependent.

The weighted ball is part of the mast raising system; a line made into a loop that is attached to it goes around the mast below a pair of spreaders and is used to raise and lower the mast into position. A take-down line is generally used to help in freeing the weighted ball and loop.

"Dumbledore" stands by the winch and "Tadpole" steadies the forty-foot-plus spar.

It took a year to get to this point, so the skipper is happy to have the mast ready to be stepped on his boat.


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