Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Launching a sailboat with a large trailer extension; 5. Moving the rigged boat from the mast-up pole.

Before the mast was attached to the boat, it was easy to maneuver the 34-foot Hunter near the mast-up pole. But, with the mast rigged, the job became much harder because of walls and posts enclosing part of the area near the mast-raising pole, and because of the need to prevent the mast from colliding with the mast-raising pole. Dumbledore's truck had to move back and forth many times in order to free the boat from the tight confines of the area.

I went partway up the mast to get a good sight on how close the mast was to the mast-up pole as "Dumbledore" maneuvered his truck back and forth to work the boat and trailer away from the pole.

At last, the boat is worked around where it's mast is no longer behind the mast-raising pole.

Windependent is finally freed from the tight confines of the mast pole area.


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