Sunday, December 30, 2007

Heron Lake, New Mexico, winter view

View to the west, showing the wind warning island at Heron Lake in northern New Mexico. Mesas and hills in the distance are on the lands of the Jicarilla Apache nation. Winds on the western fringe of Heron Lake are sometimes lighter than on other parts of the lake. The La Laja boat launch ramp is set near the southwestern corner of the lake, between the dirt dam (spillway) and the main dam.

View to the northeast, showing part of the eastern end of Heron Lake and the approaches to the Narrows. Further to the east, through the Narrows, is Willow Creek Cove, with the mouth of Willow Creek, the Willow Creek Boat Ramp, and the Heron Lake Marina, which is owned and operated by the New Mexico Sailing Club and available to the public for slip rentals. Beyond are mountains of northern New Mexico and southern Colorado. This view was taken from west of the Salmon Run and Island View campgrounds, along the southern shore of the lake. The property to the immediate north and east of the lake is the private Laguna Vista neighborhood; to the north and west is the Jicarilla Apache nation.


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