Sunday, December 30, 2007

Heron Lake Marina, evening of December 28, 2007

The New Mexico Sailing Club owns and operates the Heron Lake Marina at Heron Lake State Park in northern New Mexico as a concessionaire of the New Mexico State Parks. The marina has to be closed in late autumn, as the cove freezes during the winter. During some winters, the whole lake freezes over, as happened in January through March of 2007. Shown above is a view to the southwest on December 28, 2007. Visible in center are the pavilion and marina shed, with A dock beyond to the right and the swinging gangway and gangway extension at left.

Heron Lake, New Mexico, Heron Lake Marina showing pavilion, part of work barge, A and B docks with the Narrows beyond. The piers and walkways were covered with a half foot of packed snow. All sailors and boaters are welcome to enjoy the peace and quiet of no-wake Heron Lake; slips are available by the night, month (limited), and season. The marina is operated and maintained by volunteers from the club and all slip owners are obligated to spend a half week serving as "dockmasters" to watch over the marina.

B and C docks with the mouth of Willow Creek Cove beyond. All of the cove was frozen; some of the ice was thick enough to be walked upon.

Gangway extension with marina shed in background.

An almost ghostly image shows part of the Heron Lake Marina (A dock) at twilight near the end of the year, December 28, 2007. Many of the small solar lights are still working and one can be seen glowing in the full-size picture.


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