Monday, July 16, 2007

Heron Lake, mast raising pole and Willow Creek boat ramp

"Tadpole" sails a Sunfish dinghy on the west side of Heron Lake on Saturday, July 14. Most of the weekend featured very light air, making it a good weekend for small dinghies, kayaks, and fishing boats. Many of us spent a good part of Saturday staffing the New Mexico Sailing Club information booth at Heron Lake State Park's Osprey Festival.

Mast raising pole, with the Willow Creek boat ramp boat trailer parking area beyond and Heron Lake Marina in background.

Mast-raising pole with marina in background.

Heron Lake State Park administers the mast-up boat storage lot adjacent to the Willow Creek boat ramp.

One side of the mast-up boat storage lot, boat ramp parking, mast-raising pole, and marina in Willow Creek Cove.

Another view of the mast-up storage lot at Heron Lake State Park.

Close view of mast-raising pole with Heron Lake Marina beyond. The Heron Lake Marina is operated by the New Mexico Sailing Club and has volunteer dockmasters on duty during the marina season, which usually extends from May through October.

Vault toilets such as this one adjacent to the Willow Creek boat ramp are located in all camping areas, and one is located adjacent to the marina. In addition, full bath houses with hot showers are located in the Blanco Campground near the boat ramp and in the Island View/Salmon Run campground on the south shore of the lake.


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