Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Heron Lake Marina views; dinghies n docks

View south along the connecting walkway and "dinghy row" toward the marina pavillion.

Styrofoam Snark sailboat.

"Tadpole" installs a cleat on the dinghy row side of the connecting walkway.

Dinghy row viewed from the marina pavillion.

B dock south, with B north and C dock beyond.

A dock, with sailboats beyond club dinghies and state park patrol boat.

Improvised gangway at the northeast end of the marina provides access to the marina during times of low water levels. When water levels rise, a 64-foot-long steel gangway is used to connect the marina to the marina point.

Path going down to the improvised gangway. Fortunately, the path doesn't have to go nearly as far down as it did earlier in the season!


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