Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Heron Lake Marina Views, weekend of June 16, 2007

Shown above are B and C docks at the Heron Lake Marina in northern New Mexico. Photo was taken in June, with the marina only partly occupied. Beyond at right is the mouth of Willow Creek; beyond above center is The Narrows, which leads to the main body of Heron Lake.
Heron Lake marina with The Narrows and the main body of the lake beyond.

One of this year's improvement projects has been widening the walkway that interconnects A, B, and C docks. Remains of the old A dock have been recycled for this project. In addition to providing more room for people to pass or to haul gear, the wider walkway is more stable.

"Tadpole" and Pat connect another segment to widen the connecting walkway.


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