Thursday, December 15, 2005

My dos centavos worth of comments...

Income - in order to rent out more then a few buoys, we'd need to have another fantastic snowpack winter like last winter. We can do our snow dances, but maybe it's safest not to count on having all 20 buoy rentals.

If the board authorizes the new A Dock replacement, then we'll have a much better chance of renting more slips. The new slips would be larger and nicer than the old slips, and we might eventually salvage/hold in reserve the old state park slips to replace the buoys made unusable by lake level fluctuations.

Expenses - oh, I can think of lots of ways to spend money:

Under racing/dinghy racing, there could be the subcategory of sponsoring an Adams Cup womens' racing team for next May's regional race on J-24s.

Marina/dock maintenance/capital improvements could include a float and temporary landing stage and crane rental for gangway access, a shed for the pumpout pump and generator, perhaps a security gate, repairs to club dinghies, and other "stuff".

Oh, and if we saturate Ray Boyce's free time/willingness to dive on the old marina structure, we might need to hire a diver. Bill Gee's name has been mentioned, and Mark Paz has said that he'd be happy to come up from Elephant Butte.

A "new" item - printing a few Spinnaker Sheets during the year, maybe four or five or so. Not everyone has e-mail and some people just plain love reading dead trees, and the paper document could remind people of important events and refresh their memory on how to find the web site.

(The nitpicky editor strikes again: "dock" (or slip), not "deck" and "dinghy", not "dingy".)

(Not an expense, but in the website, it would be great if we could set up some Forums in the Community Exchange section of the website. Titles could maybe be something like: Announcements, Docksitting, Marina Maintenance, Racing, Skipper and Crew, Cruising & Travel, Social, For Sail & Sale, Boat maintenance, Learn to Sail.)

Roger Vinyard writes:
"New Mexico Sailing Club Projected Budget 2006" INCOME:
Seasonal Deck Rentals 90 @ $435.00 $39,150.00 Seasonal Buoy Rentals 20 @ $300.00 $6,000.00
Member Dues 2005 member count 144 @ $25.00 $3,600.00

GROSS INCOME $48,750.00

Gross Receipts Tax $3,351.56
Concession Fees $3,915.00
Insurance $7,400.00
Administration $360.00
Slip & Buoy Assignment $200.00
Dock Safety $250.00
Racing $1,000.00
Dingy Racing $450.00
Web Page $300.00
Member Handbook $400.00
Buoy Maintenance $1,000.00
Dock Maintenance $2,500.00
Social $1,500.00
Advertising $500.00
Accounting $750.00
Facility Maintenance $5,000.00
Miscellaneous $3,000.00
Capital Improvements $10,000.00
Emergency Reserve $5,000.00




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