Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A Dock Proposal from ShoreMaster

Top half of memo from ShoreMaster describing proposed replacement for A dock.
Upgrades to our present system include (1) structure designed without deep underwater substructure so it can much better withstand grounding, (2) encased flotation that meets modern environmental requirements, (3) a cleat at the head of each slip instead of a cleat shared by two boats, (4) bumpers/padding included, (5) wood decking over corner braces adds to pier space/potential storage, (6) larger slips - about a foot wider and three feet longer.

West half (furthest out) of ShoreMaster design for replacement A dock.

East half (closest to dock house) of proposed A dock replacement.

Left side of detail page from ShoreMaster proposal. Concrete-weighted tires are used to induce a catenary in the anchor cables to keep them below keel level. The cable fairleads/guides are the deepest part of the marina structure and even these only go a couple or so feet below water level. The dock structure is designed to be able to sit on the ground if necessary - though we would probably want to move it to deeper water in the event of a future low-water season.

Right side of detail sheet for proposed A Dock replacement.

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