Thursday, December 01, 2005

Whisper - part III

Al S. and Roger E. returned from getting stuff taken down and working on Whisper at Joes' place in T or C. They had good success in getting the rudder mounted and in figuring out a whole lot of stuff, reuniting boat parts with Whispher, and scoping out the general status of what's hooked up. The work does look very do-able. Stan H. also got to get down to see the boat and help out.

Next steps... might seem to be something like:

Order or make a replacement ring for the ring that holds the top of the rudder. The old one was rusted and had a slit cut into it; it's installed and pretty strong but replacement would mean that things are really secure and that the ring wouldn't drag. The rudder is mounted and installed, but making sure that it's secure is a good thing, and some of the work near the back end of engine doesn't want to be done until the rudder is all completely secure.

Find (or purchase) the two setscrews for the cutless bearing so it can be secured and won't spin around. These may be somewhere in Marty's garage or home.

Cut off (dremel tool) the old cutless bearing -- it's been pushed up out of the way and the new one is in position.

Find the prop nut and bring it down to Whisper so the prop can be attached.

Find a location or install another mounting plate for the engine cranking battery (group 24, separate from the two larger group 27 house batteries) (maybe it went where the water heater is loosely placed now at the aft end of the port lazerette).

Find Rob's plans for where he wanted to install things such as the batteries, water heater, etc. (I could help with scanning and copying.)

After the rudder mounting is finished for certain, then hook up hoses (cockpit drain, water heater, engine cooling, engine fill, etc.) and install the water heater, and mount and connect the engine cranking battery.

Wire the electrical selector switch/cut off switch in between the batteries and the electrical panel. Right now the main panel is always hot; Al thinks this may have been a temporary set-up to test the panel.

Install the latch for the anchor locker hatch so it can be secured/won't blow off. (Al and Roger got the hinges installed.)

Do some fiberglass patching and finish-sanding where thin spots were made when blisters were scraped away. Prepare the hull for painting.

Identify which parts go with the boom and mount them.

Trouble-shoot the bilge sniffer/propane system controls so that the propane can be used to heat the boat; the alarm went off when Roger and Stan tried to hook up propane.

Generally do lots of finding small pieces, hooking up of hoses and electric lines, testing, and tidying-up.


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