Thursday, December 15, 2005

Tentative New Mexico Sailing Club schedule for 2006, Heron Lake

Tentative plan may be evolving; here's a "straw man" with possible dates for people to try to check against their calendars and save. I've thrown out a whole bunch of dates and activities to get an idea of which ones might interest people - or not.

January 20, board budget meeting at Lisa's home in Santa Fe

February 17 or 24 general meeting at Quail Run (if available) in Santa Fe with presentation of 2006 budget to membership and Don & Alice's Antarctic show
(Note: Ken Mitchell has volunteered the El Dorada Community Center)

March 17 or 24, general meeting at someplace like Fuddrucker's (I-25 Jefferson exit, easy to get to from points north) in Albuquerque, possible program about chartering or sailing schools or some such, review of snowpack and adjustments to summer schedule and marina plans

Review of activities and program for summer season, review marketing/publicity (Eddie Dry has lots of ideas)

(March 27 - 31, Albuquerque public school spring break)

April 1, possible first work party to start old A dock disassembly, weather permitting
(April 16, Easter)

April 21 or 28, general meeting at someplace like Angelina's in Espanola (on the way to the lake and the night before a work party), possible program about boat buying or maintenance or racing or water management

April 19, Wednesday, or April 23, Sunday, possible opening of marina/first dockmaster, assuming reasonable snowpack and sufficient dockmasters

All Summer Events Are Subject to Spring Runoff. Adverse conditions might force drastic changes of plans and refocus our attention on preserving or moving the marina sometime in the summer or fall.

May 6 or April 29 or April 22, possible opening of new A dock?

sometime in May - Adams Cup Women's Sailing Championships at the Butte

May 20, Saturday, RGSC Anniversary Cup at Elephant Butte; end of their spring season

May 27, Saturday, meeting at the lake, regatta weekend, possible racing clinic, possible report on the Heron Lake trail project from the Friends group

[NOTE: Eddie Dry has lots of ideas for activities, especially involving youth, and for publicizing activities]

June 10, Saturday, possible mystery cruise

June 17, Saturday, possible regatta or series race

July 1, Saturday, meeting at the lake, possible fun cruise / treasure hunt / luau / regatta weekend

July 3, Monday, possible "safety spectacular"

July 8, Saturday, possible R.G.S.C. long-distance cruise to ? ? ?

July 22, Saturday, possible regatta or series race weekend

July / August, possible dinghy sailing lessons followed by dinghy regatta

sometime in summer: host possible visits by Buccaneers, Lasers, Windriders, Hobies, etc. Possible visit by Bluegrass group, social events, barbecues, etc. Execute "Plan B" if spring runoff was fairly awful. Youth events, dinghy races and instruction.

August 5, Saturday, possible regatta or series race weekend

September 2, Saturday, meeting at the lake, regatta weekend

September 30, Saturday, end of season/harvest moon party at or near the lake (complete marina adjustments/prepare marina for springtime grounding or possibly move marina if spring runoff was mediocre to poor)

October 20 or 27 meeting in Santa Fe (Flying Tortilla or some such?), program, officer and board nominations

October 28, possible closing date for marina if spring runoff was good

December 9, Saturday, party maybe at someplace like Sandia Resort in Albuquerque or Tamaya Resort north of Bernalillo and Rio Rancho (if it's affordable), installation of new board and officers


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