Friday, October 14, 2005

Rio Grande Sailing Club Cruise Poll

I haven't gotten around to importing the code to make an automated poll or survey, so here's one done the old-fashioned, simple way.

Where do you think next summer's long-range (out of state) trailer boat cruise should be for the Rio Grande Sailing Club and friends?

San Carlos/Guaymas, Sea of Cortez (some like it hot)

Lake Powell, Arizona

San Diego to Ensenada (estado del Baja California del Norte) and return

San Diego to Oceanside and return

San Diego to Catalina and return

San Diego to Catalina to Newport or San Pedro and return via trailer shuttle

San Pedro, CA to Catalina and back (via Newport) (806 miles, 12 hours)

San Pedro to Catalina to San Diego and return via trailer shuttle

Marina del Rey, CA to Santa Barbara Isle, then Catalina and return

Santa Barbara, CA to Santa Cruz Island and return (876 miles, 13 hours)

San Francisco Bay and the Delta (1070 miles, 16.5 hours)

Monterey Bay to San Francisco and trailer shuttle

Lake Tahoe

Puget Sound to San Juan Islands (1504 miles, 25.5 hours)

Puget Sound to Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Prince Rupert, BC, Canada, and Queen Charlotte Isles (2445 miles, 41 hours)

South Padre Island, TX (1113 miles, 18.5 hours)

Corpus Christi, TX

Clear Lake/Galveston Bay, TX (910 miles, 14.5 hours)

Lake Michigan (Door County/Green Bay/Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1424 miles, 21.5 hours)

Florida Keys (2219 miles, 36 hours, 4-day drive)

Florida to Bahamas

Chesapeake Bay (Annapolis or Harve du Grace)

Rhode Island (Long Island Sound, 2198 miles, 33.5 hours)


Maine to Nova Scotia, Canada (Bar Harbor, 2508 miles, 38 hours)

A bit more distant ...
Balearic Islands and Valencia, Spain -- America's Cup trip

Croatia/Adriatic Sea

Auckland, NZ


At 11:03 PM, October 16, 2005, Blogger Carol Anne said...

Well, there's that dream that I have. No, not a daydream or wishful thought; literally a dream, a recurring dream that I've had since about 8th grade. In that dream, I pack up everything I have in whatever car I had at the time of the dream, and head for Wisconsin.

The really odd thing is that I never actually get there. Typically I wake up somtime about when I get to Omaha.

The even odder thing is that I have no idea why I would want to go to Wisconsin -- no family ties, no real knowledge about the place except that Lambeau Field is there, nothing at all except this recurring dream.

On a more realistic note, I like the Texas options, especially Corpus and Galveston -- not too far to drive, and a possible chance of linking up with old friends. Florida might be nice, but it's an awful long way to tow a boat.

At 12:27 PM, October 20, 2005, Blogger Ed Herndon said...

Come visit Texas Mariners Cruising Association on one of their Galveston Bay Cruises..

The top one coming up is the Thanksgiving cruise to Double Bayou and the French Picnic.. This rally had 43 Boats Last year.


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