Monday, October 17, 2005

diary-like stuff:
Last Wednesday: G. served as a "den chief" for the Webelos cub scout dens in our neighborhood. G./WMCIK was one of a few sophomores who took the PSAT (preliminary scholastic aptitude test).

Thursday: Turned in 504 folded luminaria bags at the Scout troop meeting along with G's popcorn orders (fund raising projects). G. only sold a limited amount of popcorn this year because his Scout shirt had disappeared at the last campout and he's supposed to be in uniform when selling; we bought a new scout shirt only a week before the order deadline for popcorn ended because we were hoping the shirt would turn up (and those things aren't cheap). By then, all the cute little cub scouts had pretty much stitched up the neighborhood market, so G. had the experience of about thirty folks telling him "no thanks" with only a few "yes" folks. Oh well, it's probably character building.

Friday: after work, took G. to Scout-o-rama site, swatted bugs and waited for the rest of the troop to arrive, then CA and I drove south to Truth or Consequences. First semester/nine weeks ended at HHS with exams on Thursday and Friday. For the first half/4-1/2 weeks of the term, G. had a B in English and A grades in physical education, health, and orchestra. In the next term G. will take driver's ed before school, then an independent/ gifted study project, English, Algebra I (the part he messed up on last year), and Orchestra.

Saturday: I motored our sailboat south in the rain and wind. Drove north to south valley to pick G. up from the Scout-o-rama but it had been ended a couple of hours early because of weather, so had to pick him up at home. G's troop erected a monkey bridge for the other scouts and the cubs to enjoy; there was also a brief visit by the air national guard (rescue helicopter) and a nature walk, but the first aid events had to be cancelled. Drove back to T or C and Elephant Butte, did a mini-raftup on Russ's 34-foot boat; back to motel in time for G. to do some cello practice.

Sunday: Returned Syzygy up the lake to Rock Canyon marina; gorgeous weather; took pictures of Windriders (small trimaran sailboats) having a rendezvous. Got G. to last hour of drying sand and filling bags with sand for luminarias for Scout fund-raiser, unloaded/de-junked car. Took troop first aid kit home so G. could restock it; found some twenty-year-old stuff in there and even a few older items. Took chainsaw and worked on cottonwood stump and roots -- dirt in the roots dulls the chain quickly, unfortunately. Dishes, laundry.

This morning: Took G. to H.H.S. extra early in the dark for him to start driver's ed during "zero hour" before school. Shortly thereafter, the main building basement, which unknown to all had been flooding all weekend, flooded to where the water was five feet deep and short-circuited the circuit breakers and electrical system. School was cancelled just as students were arriving. So much for tonight's parent group meeting at the school.

Got an e-mail from William G. in Antarctica at McMurdo Station (77 degrees south longitude, about 1200 miles from the south pole). He's been retired from the air force for many years but decided it would be fun to take a "summer job" down there!

G. will have a three-hour rehearsal for the Albuquerque Youth Orchestra tonight. They have some neat music for the next concert, including parts of Modest Moussorgski's "Pictures from an Exhibition" ("Great Gate of Kiev" and "The Gnome") and Aaron Copland's fast-moving "Hoedown" (perhaps better known as the advertisement theme for "Beef. It's what's for dinner.") from his "row-day-oh" (!) (Rodeo) suite.

Heron and Elephant Butte lakes have been up lately. Water is good.

Half of the American people have never read a newspaper. Half never voted for President. One hopes it is the same half. — Gore Vidal


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