Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sailing goal-like-thingies

The whole notion of goals seems a bit too Type A for some of the types of sailing I enjoy.

But, there are sails I'd like to take and things I'd like to be part of on the water.

Sailing days ... more than last year, at 22 so far this year I'm about on the same pace as last year.

Race committee ... get people trained, do a more professional job on the Buccaneer Rodeo, get the Sunrise Regatta properly organized and get some out-of-area boats to attend, get RRO certification.

Windshifts ... get better at spotting and using them and shifting gears proactively and properly. Try to get a more instinctive feel for upwind groove and sail trim. Get more fluid on foredeck and spinnaker.

Get some dinghy sailing experience and comfort level.

Learn basic match racing well enough to be comfortable doing match racing and umpiring it.

Youth sailing and safety education ... work toward instructor certification and log some service hours. Coordinate, help with establishing youth sailing teams at NMSC. Host youth groups.

Hammock ... get one or more installed at the Heron Lake Marina. Its supports can be named "non-goal-oriented posts".


At 1:30 AM, June 11, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank God..we have you for Committee Boat..and what a great job you did under super difficult conditions Saturday.You know...we have our team, four plus our alternate, a press officer, a fund-raiser,our advisor # 1(Applegal) a back up helm to drive our training boat...seems to me we need aprogram director, you know to organize the training races etc.Could mean more days on the water! By the way ays on water to date for Zorro....68


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