Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hardware wanted

Gerald, our recent high school graduate, has been sweating through getting hardware to fully rig the Laser 2 that he bought inexpensively. He's already spent quite a bit more money than the initial boat cost.

We too are looking for odds and ends of gear -- seemingly a perpetual chore for a sailboat owner. Last weekend, with a bit of help, we replaced the old genoa on its furler with a brand-new sail and put our trailer-cruising MacGregor 26 in the mast-up lot. We also have been thinking about new gear that Carol Anne's boat will need in the coming year, including new shrouds at some point, new floorboards and supports, re-anchoring of the the console, new bottom paint, and an open turnbuckle to be used as part of a mast-butt-moving system. It'll look something like the one in the pictures here, but a little thicker (3/8-inch hardware).


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