Monday, October 01, 2012

Sunset Regatta (6c) Warm n Fuzzy and Ensign

Warm-n-Fuzzy (SC27 sloop) in sun (4157)
Warm-n-Fuzzy was headed north after rounding the turning mark during the Sunset regatta at Elephant Butte Lake.
Santa Cruz 27 heading north (4150) after rounding mark 7.
Nice starboard view portrait of Warm-n-Fuzzy (4156)
Santa Cruz 27 with the "Elephant" and mountains in the background (4159).

Pearson Ensign headed south toward the Elephant (4162)
Pearson Ensign in sunlight (4163)
Scenic view with Ensign sloop (4164).
More scenery with Ensign sloop in foreground


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