Monday, October 01, 2012

Sunset Regatta (1b) start at Elephant Butte Lake, NM

Nice view of Etchells sloop "Dave's Boat" starting with Rich and a crew of West Mesa Mustang high school students on board at the 2012 Sunset Regatta, September 29, 2012.

This year's regatta didn't have a 50-mile race due to the low lake levels this year and was called the "Sunset" rather than "Sunrise" regatta. Above, a Balboa starts her race.

International Etchells keelboat sloop and southern New Mexico scenery

We were the race committee boat and crew for the race; this was the first time we'd had the cabin cruiser we'd recently bought in the water. It was a very comfortable boat for running races -- or would be very comfy for lounging and relaxing if we'd had a chance.

A bunch of boats clusters at the start during a light air lull.

The "Mustang Navy" J/24 sloop approaches the starting line.

J/24 sloop from the West Mesa "Mustang Navy" at her start

Pearson Ensign after start -- started right at the committee boat

Pearson Ensign sloop

Ensign sloop in the distance and scenic view


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