Friday, July 13, 2012

Crew wanted and boats wanted template draft

Maybe templates or checklists for both crew-wanted and crew-want-boat advertisements on boating sites would be useful. Here's a rough starting point for both:
Crew wanted:
To (itinerary/intermediary stops and durations)
Date(s) (flexible?)
Boat (type, size)

Crew sailing skills and experience required/desirable
Other crew characteristics required/desirable, work and behavior expectations (gender, age, health, passport/visas, training/credentials, languages, cooking, nonsmoking, nondrug, references needed, undesirable behaviors not wanted, etc.)

Trip expenses -- transportation to/from, expenses/pay underway, expenses/pay on shore and in ports

Description, sailing experience, credentials, any special health or other circumstances
References available from former crew or others who have sailed with skipper?
Available to meet or take short test sails? Boat available for inspection?

More about the boat
More description, age, recent maintenance performed, condition/recent servicing of major equipment (engine, sails, rig, steering, communications)
Safety equipment, (has vessel passed any form of inspection or to what extent is vessel equipped to a standard beyond national requirements?)

Skipper's philosophy for go/no-go weather decisions and routing
Other equipment, state of maintenance, comforts, life on the boat (lifestyle preferences about marine head, music, alcohol, watchkeeping, etc.) Recent photos available?

Crew available
Current location
Able and willing to travel how far to meet a boat?
Where interested in sailing?
Looking for a particular type of boat, length of voyage, personality of captain, etc.?

Age, health, special health/diet needs, vision/night vision, smoking/non, drug/non, swimming
Health considerations -- able to hoist and trim heavy sails, agility on foredeck and in and out of dinghy, able to reach mainsail and cover, etc.

Experience and skills
sailing skills, credentials, classes, coastal/inland, offshore, passport/visa status, other skills (cooking, maintenance, languages, first aid/medical, etc.)

Expectations for expenses or pay
Expectations for lifestyle on boat
References? Available to meet?
Available for short/test sails?


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