Monday, October 01, 2012

Sunset Regatta (2b) Freedom, Wavelength, and S16 southbound at the Butte

Freedom 20 "Free and Clear IV" during the "Sunset Regatta", 29 September 2012 (3984)
"Free and Clear IV" moves south (3985)
Another look at the Freedom 20 (3986)
Freedom 20 being single-handed during the Sunset Regatta (3987)

Waveride 17 trimaran joins in the fun at Elephant Butte Lake (3990)
Waverider 17 trimaran (3991)
Wavrerider 17 tri (3992)
And the Waverider tri continues down the lake (3993)

S16 centerboard dinghy southbound during the Sunset Regatta (3997)
Portrait of S16 dinghy, which coped very well with the light air and shoal waters (3998)


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