Sunday, July 01, 2012

Rugged Views from the Apache Trail, Salt River Canyon

The drive along the dirt and gravel stretches of the Apache Trail through the Salt River Canyon was not for the faint of heart. Lesser, more delicate vehicles might seem to be rattling apart, and guardrails are far outnumbered by sheer cliffs. One-lane bridges add to the fun.
1911:" of the finest motor courses in the country, would feel the adventurous spirit with joy. The chance of dropping over a precipice would make it interesting." Near the end of the punishing dirt and gravel Apache Trail, we were able to enjoy a bit of hot-weather walking near a rest stop on top of "Fish Creek Hill".
"The Fish Creek Canyon Challenge" describes some of the challenge of building a road on a ten per cent grade up out of the Salt River Canyon on the old Apache Trail more than a hundred years ago.
Fish Creek Hill sign
"This part of the Trail, known as Fish Creek Hill, is famous for its steep, narrow, and winding descent."
Glimpse of the four peaks from Canyon Lake, Arizona. Roosevelt, Apache, Canyon, and Saguaro likes are linked along the Salt River.


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