Monday, May 21, 2012

An enchanting sunset from Cedro Peak, New Mexico

Today's enchanting New Mexico sunset was just a bit unusual because of today's annular eclipse. Although I didn't have any special equipment, here are the pictures I was able to get. Gerald Byrnes did have more equipment and should have quite a few more pictures. These represent only the late stages of the eclipse, after maximum annularity.
This and the next picture were of a projection of the eclipse on Mylar film.
This picture was taken very close to sunset, when atmospheric filtering helped tame the partially eclipsed sun's intensity. The viewing site on Cedro Peak wasn't as high in elevation as the much more popular Sandia Crest, but was quite uncrowded.
In addition, it served another purpose, as a memorial gathering place for Gerald and friends to remember the life of their dear friend, Wolf Scott-Cohen, who tragically died shortly before he was due to graduate from the University of New Mexico. This specific site was a favorite of Wolf's.
As the partially eclipsed sun dipped over the horizon, it appeared as a great golden glowing shark fin.
Scenic view from where we'd watched the eclipse. Immediately adjacent to the large boulder was a protected area where Wolf and his friends had often enjoyed campfires and wide-ranging talks.


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