Thursday, September 01, 2011

Rebirth of the historic ship "San Salvador" at Spanish Landing in San Diego

Upper aft work platform, beyond which can be see the aft sternpost and aftmost framing for the replica of the San Salvador. The ship is being built by volunteers for the San Diego Maritime Museum and will be a re-creation of the vessel in which Juan Rodriguez de Cabrillo entered San Diego Bay and landed near where this construction site is located at "Spanish Landing" in the north end of San Diego Bay.

Aft work platform at Spanish Landing. We were fortunate to see the ship near the very beginning of her construction. When completed, she will displace about 200 tons, not very different from the size of the Surprise (Rose) replica frigate at the Maritime Museum, although representing a very different era of sailing technology.

Stern frame and keel segment.

Details of attachment of sternpost and frame to keel.

Originally, the builders of this ship had planned to use laminated frames. But, delamination occurred in some of these frames even before they could be installed; that caused the plan to be switched to assemblies of solid wood framing portions.

forward portion of framing

General side view of San Salvador framing beginning with temporary template for a mid-ships frame

another side view

general view of San Salvador

another general view of San Salvador at Spanish Landing

Replica San Salvador starting construction by volunteers of the Maritime Museum of San Diego

Aft work platform, end view

Side view of aft work platform showing ship's sternpost and aft framing


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