Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Various Views at the Maritime Museum of San Diego

Prime view of lofty spars from south of the San Diego Maritime Museum. Vessels in the foreground and background combine to make an interesting array of tall masts, yards, and rigging. From left, you can tease out the traditional two-masted rig of the Californian, then a single streamlined mast for the International America's Cup Class racing yacht Stars and Stripes (USA 34 from 1995), then the similar stick for the IACC yacht Abracadabra and the traditional rig for the replica yacht America in background. In the center foreground is the cold-war-era Project 39 Russian submarine and a partial view of the ferryboat Berkeley.

Wheelhouse of the double-ended ferry Berkeley. Signal flags are I (black dot on yellow), 6 (black and white triangular pennant), H (red and white), G (yellow and blue vertical stripes), 3 (red, white, and blue triangular pennant), Z (four-colored quartered flag)

Rowing boat between ferry Berkeley and Surprise frigate. The small rowing boats carried on old sailing ships could weigh a few tons and require the efforts of a large crew to hoist on and off the ship.

experimental submarine Dolphin conning tower. Signal flags are modern International Code Flags; they appear to be arranged in a decorative pattern to dress ship. They represent the characters 6 (black and white triangular pennant, H (red and white), G (blue and yellow vertical stripes), Y (red and yellow diagonals), X (blue cross on white), K or 5 (yellow and blue), 3 (red, white, and blue triangular pennant), E (red and blue), K or 5, and F (red diamond on white).

Conning tower of experimental submarine "Dolphin", which was initially used to test firing a torpedo from very deep water, and then became a research vessel. Code flags are assigned various meanings depending upon how they are arranged; single flags have meanings both to merchant mariners and different meanings to sailboat racers. Groups of flags can combine to make messages either according to a code or by spelling out words.

Stern of submarine Dolphin, with background view of bow of steam yacht Medea.

View beyond stern of museum submarine toward boats moored in San Diego Bay


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