Monday, August 29, 2011

A stroll around Shelter Island, San Diego

Koehler Kraft boatyard entrance, almost right across from our room at Humphrey's Half Moon Inn, well centered on Shelter Island in San Diego. Here and there we did see a couple of Etchells sloops on the hard. The trip was only a two-nighter, so we focused on just a few activities -- including a thorough visit to the San Diego Maritime Museum and searching out seafood.

Also across the street was the Dennis Conner gallery and museum, which we visited and shopped before leaving town.

Sunday a week ago (21 August 2011), Carol Anne and I drove from Mesa, Arizona, to San Diego, reaching the Pacific Ocean, or at least Shelter Island. Shortly thereafter I took a walk around the neighborhood.

Two sailboats moored off Shelter Island

Sailboats and San Diego city skyline in distance

Sailboats and blurred passage of a motorboat

A little later that evening, we walked a few blocks to the Red Sails Inn for dinner.

Low light photo turning outbound sailboat into a near ghostly blur

Inbound sailboat arriving at twilight


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