Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sailboats exiting the harbor

Sloop sailing out of the channel at Marina del Rey in southern California. The center portion of the channel is designated for sailboats that are under sail whereas the outer portions of the channel are for craft motoring -- upchannel on the south side and downchannel on the north (near in this view) side.

Sloops heading for Santa Monica Bay and the Pacific Ocean.

Beneteau and Santa Cruz sloops catch a puff as they exit Marina del Rey.

Friday the 13th was a pretty mellow day for us, our first full day of the trip in SoCal. We drove to Marina del Rey, where we walked out along the north jetty to watch boats entering and exiting the harbor. Later on we bought a VHF handheld radio and a boat cookbook at the West Marine and visited people at the Cal Yacht Club, including spending some time with the club manager, Gus, at their bar and buying a couple of souvenirs.
Beneteau motoring out.

Cockpit close-up. After leaving Marina del Rey, we then made a quick visit to King Harbor, where we strolled among boats and restaurants, then drove to Point Fermin, where we watched pelicans, saw whale spouts, and heard barking California sea lions.

Tour boat and sloop. The day then wound closer to a close at the San Pedro Brewing Company.

Beneteau sloop behind tour boat, Marina del Rey California.


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