Sunday, April 10, 2011

Last snow of the season?

Buccaneer 18 sailing dinghy waits for warmer weather to sail at Heron Lake in northern New Mexico.

Even though some parts of the Southwest USA have seen 90-degree (F) weather recently, last night's snow was a reminder of how quickly spring weather can change from balmy to brittle. We awoke this morning at our cabin to a half inch of white stuff all over the ground along with sub-freezing temperatures. However, now the sun is out and the snow is likely to disappear soon, perhaps for the entire summer excepting the occasionally mountaintop dusting. And that also means that spring runoff has starting, and that Heron Lake is beginning its springtime rise in water level.

Peek at neighbor's cabin to the northwest after late-sprig snow in northern New Mexico.

Small trees to west were briefly dusted in snow.

View south; when the lake is higher an arm of the lake can be seen.


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